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For a limited time…


If you can act NOW. I can create a complete marketing program for your business to hit the streets in January.

  • You get a complete web site with selling copy.
  • You get 10 persuasive, selling emails to sell your product or service.
  • You can use these emails as follow-up letter to old customers or use then in a newspaper or magazine campaign to bring in new leads and sales.
  • You get a “funnel” to capture the email names of prospects and customers.
  • You get a video email platform that let’s you send out thousands of video and text emails every day.
  • You get a powerful webinar platform that lets you host webinars for your business that can have thousands of viewers… you can record it and let others watch the recording later.
  • You get your web site designed to rank high on search engine optimization.
  • You get a written report analyzing the KEYWORDS that will bring you the biggest response and the best buyers.
  • You get 10 Hot, blog posts to release on your site to convert buyers and boost ranking.
  • You get a PAY PER CLICK campaign and strategy to bid on the best words that bring you new business.
  • You get social media ads and messages to build your loyal audience of customers.
  • You get videos made that help you rank on your site PLUS convert prospects into customers.
  • You get hours of consulting time with me to build the right strategy, overcome buyer’s resistance, focus on the target market and more.

This could easily cost you $25,000 or more in creative fees, research, analysis, copywriting and consultation, etc. But you get all this and more for the bargain price of $4,995.

Why am I offering this COMPLETE MARKETING package for a discounted price? I know that times are tough out there for a lot of people. And… It’s because Christmas time is the best time to do the work to hit the market on the day after Christmas.

Christmas time is the best time to market if you’re a retailer.

But January is the best time to market if you’re selling anything else.

And it takes proper planning and proper timing to hit the market in January.

Marketing is best not left up to teenager graphic designers who operate out of the Philippines.

You need marketing that zeros in on the right market… that gets you the right kind of attention… that convinces prospects to become loyal customers.

NOTE: This is a limited offer. I can only commit to create a complete marketing package for only 3 clients this winter season.

It takes time, research and intelligent analysis to come up with the right ads, websites, email communications, direct mail and anything else we’ll need to skyrocket sales when the marketing hits the streets.

Does this price sound reasonable to you? It should. I’ve written single marketing packages… like a single newspaper ads, websites or email campaigns for this price.

But for a limited time, I will create everything for your marketing to hit full bore in January.

If you pass up this offer and actually wait till January to bring me in to do your marketing, you’ll pay a much higher price, plus you’ll suffer the consequences of going up against competitors who actually did the planning, research and creative effort to LOCK IN January profits. Yikes.

Who should take me up on this offer?

You should if you’re selling high-ticket items. Like real estate, insurance, cars, financial services.

You should if you’re selling things that need persuasion. Like software, income opportunities, home improvement services.

You should if your customer is worth a lot of money to you. Like one customer who pays you month after month, year after year.

You should if you want a ton of new customers. Even if they are small ticket customers.

You should if you want a marketing expert on your side. It beats winging it and operating in “hunch” and “opinion”.

I’m offering to do a lot of work for you in the hopes that this will be the beginnings of a long term, beneficial relationship for both of us.

Everything we do for you will be based in scientific marketing research. What works and what does not. You need this. And I can provide it.

And THANK YOU, in advance… for giving me the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing success.

Let’s talk.

Yours truly,
Linwood Austin


Here are what some of my past clients had to say…

 “Linwood Austin brought our marketing costs down from about $659 per sale to about $322 per sale. And we sell a $13,000.00 a year membership product. We now have nearly 1,200 clients paying us that money. He is an asset to our organization.”

Terry Nicholson, President
Venvest Corporation

“Every package he makes for us becomes the control. I’m always impressed with his ideas, headlines, offers and persuasion.”

John King
Future Economic Trends

“Linwood Austin was the Godfather of our entire marketing program. Using his methods, we went from a 2-person company to a 120-person company in just 4 short years. Then, I sold the company for $10 million dollars. (Thanks Linwood.) I’d recommend to anyone: TAKE HIS ADVICE. He knows his stuff.”

Terry Allen, (past) President,
The Lead Sheet

“We contacted Ogilvy & Mather plus A. Eicoff before contacting Linwood Austin. The solutions to our problems were immediately clear to him. The marketing program he created for us was the most impressive, profit-oriented plan I’ve ever seen. It was designed to tap into every major buying emotion our customers have. My only reluctance in recommending him is that he might be too busy to help us on our next project.”

Kelly Ruff,
Tutti Music

“Linwood Austin is perhaps the greatest letter writer on the planet. Why? Because he wrote a letter that made me buy a 35-year old book for $339. He’s good. Darn good.” (He didn’t actually use the word “darn”… but a slightly stronger word.)

Joe Cossman Author,
How I Made A Million Dollars In Mail Order

“We watched him take a failing business and turn it around in an amazingly short period of time. He accomplished this by being inventive and trying new marketing techniques… We all know the statistics on the failure rates of businesses. Linwood has beaten those odds by hard work and a good feel for his markets.”

Skip Matthews

“Linwood has an uncanny ability to show almost any business owner dozens of ways to boost profits using simple, high-impact response techniques. One mailing he created for us looks like it’s going to increase this year’s gross sales by 1/3.”

Susan Vinson

“I’m happy to say, Mr. Austin created an ad for us that was absolutely amazing in it’s impact and ability to generate sales. I was pleasantly surprised by his work.”

John Ferry, President
TRW Credentials

“We were amazed to see how Linwood’s ads can turn normal luke-warm prospects into hot ones when the right words persuaded them. I whole-heartedly recommend Linwood Austin to any company that wants to create more powerful advertising.”

Conrad Deihl

“As you know, before you created our marketing campaign we were getting no response to our own. This seemed like a total waste of advertising dollars. However, may I say that each time we have run the ads you created for us, responses instantly ranged from 35-50 each time. Now that’s more like it!”                              

  1. L. Hutchison

“Linwood Austin is one of the most promising advertising practitioners I’ve encountered in many years… He is no stranger to the great masters

of selling. He has a greater understanding of their methods than all but a handful of present day professionals. He is also an original thinker, and possesses a rare ability to focus his creative talent in precisely the right way to achieve maximum results for the advertiser. His instincts are on target. He has abundant talent and his depth of knowledge greatly exceeds that of most with far grater experience.”

  1. Barrie Bedell, Pres.


“Linwood Austin is a man who understands the various ways in which marketing profits can be harnessed from overlooked assets.”                                                               

Geoff Hasler, Pres.

“The very first order we got off the catalog you created for us- the caller said ‘I’ve received your catalog for years now and this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to order anything’ Thanks for the fine work.”                                                                

Rich Bohn

 “I’m happy to say Linwood Austin has written quite a few packages for my company. I’ve never seen anyone more clever and original with headlines that work and opening paragraphs that grab you. He’s easy to work with and he’s a good friend.”                                                                                        

Brian Kieth Voiles
Brian Kieth Publishing