I’ve Been Writing ‘Killer’ Direct Mail For Some 30 Years.

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“I’ll Write ‘Killer’ Direct Mail

Or Internet Marketing Campaign For You.

Amazing, New, Dirt Cheap Prices!

Unique Money-Back Guarantee!”

Friday. 1:15 P.M.

From Salt Lake City.

     Dear Serious Marketer,

Linwood Headshot Aug26:14I believe that I can double, or triple, your direct mail or internet marketing response rate . . .

. . . so, I’m writing to tell you about an amazing offer I can hardly believe myself!

My name is Linwood Austin. I’ve been called the hottest direct marketing consultant in America right now.

For the past 30 years, I’ve been responsible for some of the best money-making direct marketing you’ve ever seen.

For Example:

I personally created the direct marketing for one of the most successful marketers around that sold over 100,000 units using ad space alone.

I wrote a direct mail piece that banked $411,000 for a company when they had nothing in the bank 2 weeks earlier.

I put a marketer on TV after they lost $4 million – and their profits soared!

One client grossed $232,000 from a letter I wrote in just 24 days.

And at times I’ve had more full-page ads in the USAToday, The Wall Street Journal and the Investors Business Daily than any other marketing consultant in the country.

Now I’ve finally decided to “blow the lid”.

For a few select serious marketers, I’ll use the SAME amazing marketing techniques I’ve used successfully for the past 30 years. Online and offline. You’ll profit from the incredible pulling power of my direct marketing strategies.

The hot news is this — I’ll REDUCE MY FEE.

Yes, you’ll gain from my powerful direct mail techniques at new, low, dirt-cheap prices – all, on a “let’s-get-acquainted” basis.

What’s more – I guarantee your satisfaction after testing my work and following my recommendations – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

To my knowledge, no other major copywriter/direct marketing consultant offers this promise.

More on this later.


I believe that I can double, or triple, your response rate – and send your profits through the roof!

If you can handle an OVERNIGHT increase in new business I have an offer that you won’t want to pass up.

Before I explain more about this lucrative offer, let me give you my credentials.

I am an unusual direct marketing consultant.

I’m unusual because I get results – BIG results – for my direct marketing clients.

You see, I use direct marketing ideas and techniques that I doubt you’ll get from anywhere else. I believe they’re unique.

Above all, they WORK.


I believe that direct marketing is the most exciting business in the world. I’ve been in direct marketing for more than 30 years.

And I’ve loved ever minute.

For five years I’ve masterminded the FRONT and BACK-END marketing of one of the most innovated and successful direct marketing companies in the world.

Unlike many direct marketers, we promoted using full-page ads in newspapers and magazines around the country. Plus we used internet and TV.

Amazingly, we pulled over 100,000 orders using one ad alone.


The most incredible thing is this – the direct mail I created for this company pulled from – guess what – compiled lists.

Yes, fantastic as it seems, the marketing I devised for this marketer performed so well that even compiled lists pulled like crazy!

You can imagine how mail-responsive lists pulled!

Now, I’m not saying that I can necessarily do the same for you. It depends on your company, your product and your market universe.

The point is – I know what I’m doing.

I’ve been amazingly successful at devising new, innovative ways to direct market a wide range of products and services, on and off the web.

You see, you’re lucky. Direct marketing is one of the most exciting businesses in the world. It offers the most incredible back-end marketing opportunities known to man.

The sad news is this – most marketers do not make as much money as they could. In fact, I’d say 80% of the marketers out there are wasting selling opportunity with their ads, their web pages, their blogs, their emails, their facebook ads, their PPC campaings… etc.


Few marketers understand the profit potential they’d see, if they’d use my scientific advertising approach.

So, for a limited period, I want to show you what I can do to propel your profits like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I want to show you how creative direct mail and direct response web copy can generate profits that will blow you mind – and get response levels you’ve only dreamed about!



Before I go on, let me share with you what I think about marketing these days in this country.

It’s terrible!

Most marketing in this country is so bad that the copywriters and web designers and SEO consultants involved should be fired!

The copy is boring. It fails to excite people. It fails to get the right kind of website traffic.

Most marketing promotions and web sites look the same. People feel that they’ve read it all before.

Above all, it’s not working!

Let me tell you this. A good direct marketing campaign should make a profit in the first 10 days – This is pure money-making power.

Why do many direct marketers only “break even” at the front end?

Others marketers make tons of money at the front-end – AND at the back end.

The answer is – too much direct mail and web sites are done by the same people. It looks the same, because it is the same.


It’s time to change.

It’s time to inject new life into your direct mail, your web site copy… your emails… your social networking sites.

It’s time to make your direct mail look different. It’s time to make your web pages look different. It’s time to make people sit up and TAKE NOTICE again.

You need new ideas, new creativity and new blood.

Everyone complains about low response rates. Even Procter & Gamble is in the news revealing they are cutting their ad budget by $140 Million. Why? It’s just not working.

But no-one is doing anything about low responses!

This is the reason for my letter.




It’s the most relevant and important matter for your company.

For this reason, I believe that my direct marketing techniques will be the best investment you make in your company’s success.

I can slash your direct marketing costs and boost your sales.

You see, I believe that I will give your company a “direct marketing face-lift” that will propel your profits through the roof.

Before I go on, let me tell you some of my latest client success stories.


The first company I’d like to tell you about is in Los Angeles.

Before I met them, they’d been trying to attract large number of customers at a price ranging from $5 to $75.

When I met them they’d been going 5 years and had lost about $4 million.

That’s right, they’d lost about $4 million.

By this time, they’d tried everything. They’d hired consultants… advertising agencies… marketing experts.

NONE of their ideas worked.

But, I was convinced that they had a future.

Their universe was huge – about 60 million Americans were potential customers.

They had little competition!

I knew that, using the direct marketing techniques I’d developed, I could turn them around in weeks!

I did.

Using solely these techniques, I turned that million-dollar gas-guzzler into a money-making machine.

I moved the same company to advertise every night on national TV!

And – I bumped their price up to $304 – a far cry from the $5 to $75 they used to charge.

Believe me, the secret was not in the wrong pricing!

It’s been an incredible marketing success story.


The second business I’d like to tell you about is in Chicago.

They have an excellent (though controversial) information service that they’d been trying to advertising in large numbers of newspapers around America. And on the web.

I showed them that their advertising was based on a false assumption.

By using my direct mail piece, they spent less – and did triple the business.

At a higher price! I showed them that their $29.95 price was too low.

Now, they charge $69.95 – and sell more!

Today, they’re enjoying unprecedented success using my marketing techniques.

HE GROSSED $232,000 IN 24 DAYS

The third company I’d like to tell you about is in Nashville, Tennessee. They have an excellent customer base. Their profitability is good.

But, like everyone else, they want better cash flow.

I listened for about 10 minutes. Then, I wrote a direct mail piece using a technique that I’ve used for many different direct marketers – mostly with instant results.

“I’m amazed,” the owner told me, about a month later.

“I’ve owned this business for 8 years. And I know it intimately. Yet, you come in and 10 minutes later write a direct mail letter that grossed me over $232,000. All this, in just 24 days!”

So, as you can see I find direct marketing exciting! I’ve been very successful at it.


Some marketers need cash flow as a matter of urgency. In such cases, I can usually assist you in days.

For example, in one case I produced $411,000 for a client who had nothing in the bank 2 weeks earlier.

The partners had lost about $700,000. They were ready to close the doors.

You can imagine how grateful they were for my help!

I help all types and sizes of direct marketers. Whatever product or service you have, I believe that I can help you boost your profits fast.

Before I explain more how I can help you, let me share with you some of my marketing philosophies.

Every day, I am staggered how many companies waste their money on bad direct mail and bad internet marketing.

Most direct marketing can easily cut their direct marketing budget in HALF – and do better.

I’ve proved this, time and time again.

The techniques I use, invariably, produce results fast. My methods are assessable. You can see, hear and feel the results.

     They’re designed to stimulate immediate action. Your prospects will want to buy RIGHT NOW.

Many of my clients are very surprised by the heavy cash flow they receive from my marketing methods, even from previous customers who they thought would never buy again.

An important point – I do not necessarily recommend lowering your prices.

Usually, my marketing techniques are base upon the same or even higher prices.

Too many direct marketers feel they must discount to survive.

Often, you prosper by charging more.


Let me tell you a true story.

About 5 years ago, I met a company in Washington D.C. They’d just spent $268,617 to market their product.

They lost all their money.

Fortunately, the loss was not a problem. They knew they had a good product. They knew that marketing consultants had been on the “wrong track.”

Good marketing, they knew, would generate excellent profits.

So, they sought my advice.

After examining their product, I prepared a “killer” direct mail package and web site.

Also, I gave them a detailed, specific Marketing Plan for the company that included specific recommendations about what they should do, on a step-by-step basis.

I did everything for them, A-Z.


Most importantly, I gave them a new Unique Selling Proposition – The single, most inherently promotable aspect of their product.

I gave them the single, most joltingly persuasive manner to present it to their prospective market.

Wisely, they took my advice. They tested my direct marketing campaign.

Within 30 days they generated $389,122 using my new fresh marketing techniques. Encouraged by this success, they used more and more of my marketing strategies and techniques.

Then within 4 years this company was #1 in its field. Using aggressive TV, direct mail and the internet they became the leading national direct marketer in their industry.

Now, this true story is no “flash-in-the-pan” example.

No, it’s a solid, well-documented case history of a direct marketer who decided that they wanted to market better.

Yes, they knew that they could grab more market share by marketing smarter, not harder.

In fact, they spent less on marketing. But they got a better response, and boosted profits dramatically.

This could happen to you, too.


If you’d like to become one of my success stories, please read on…

because I believe that I can open profit centers you’ve never dreamed of.

To prove this, I invite you to let me prepare your next marketing package … be it internet marketing or offline marketing.

I’ll prepare a “killer” direct mail package or web campaign for you.

I’ll do everything for you, A-Z. All you need do is sit back and bank the profits!

Whether you have a new product or whether your product line is established and growing, I believe that my new direct marketing campaign will blow your profits sky-high!

Here’s the most amazing aspect of my marketing services.

In a way, it’s the best news of all . . .

… Your complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me.

I want your long-term business.


So, I make this strong, unequivocal guarantee:

After you follow all my recommendations and after a simple 5,000 name test or equivalent internet test, if you’re unhappy with the results from my marketing package, simply return the artwork to me for a FULL NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND.

Now, believe me, I do not know one major copywriter/direct marketing consultant in America who dares to offer this guarantee.

This means that I’m supremely confident that I can beat the socks off most current direct mail or web marketing– or you get your money back!

It’s a completely risk-free way to get me “on your team,” at my risk.

That’s how it should be. Also, let me explain one important point.

Now, more than ever, most direct marketers have critical need for cash flow. Without good cash flow, you cannot expand as fast as you’d like.


That’s why I’ve designed my techniques to boost cash flow fast, mostly within 30 days.

I have designed my techniques to generate strong cash flow right now.

Not sometime in the future. Right now!

My aim is to achieve the fastest cash flow for you, i.e. within 30 days.


Many clients say that my marketing/copywriting is the best they’ve seen.

Some examples:

“Linwood Austin brought our marketing costs down from about $659 per sale to about $322 per sale. And we sell a $13,000.00 a year membership product. We now have nearly 1,200 clients paying us that money. He is an asset to our organization.”

Terry Nicholson, President

Venvest Corporation

“Every package he makes for us becomes the control. I’m always impressed with his ideas, headlines, offers and persuasion.”

John King

Future Economic Trends

“Linwood Austin was the Godfather of our entire marketing program. Using his methods, we went from a 2-person company to a 120-person company in just 4 short years. Then, I sold the company for $10 million dollars. (Thanks Linwood.) I’d recommend to anyone: TAKE HIS ADVICE. He knows his stuff.”

Terry Allen, (past) President,

The Lead Sheet

“We contacted Ogilvy & Mather plus A. Eicoff before contacting Linwood Austin. The solutions to our problems were immediately clear to him. The marketing program he created for us was the most impressive, profit-oriented plan I’ve ever seen. It was designed to tap into every major buying emotion our customers have. My only reluctance in recommending him is that he might be too busy to help us on our next project.”

Kelly Ruff,

Tutti Music

“Linwood Austin is perhaps the greatest letter writer on the planet. Why? Because he wrote a letter that made me buy a 35-year old book for $339. He’s good. Darn good.” (He didn’t actually use the word “darn”… but a slightly stronger word.)

Joe Cossman Author,

How I Made A Million Dollars In Mail Order

“We watched him take a failing business and turn it around in an amazingly short period of time. He accomplished this by being inventive and trying new marketing techniques… We all know the statistics on the failure rates of businesses. Linwood has beaten those odds by hard work and a good feel for his markets.”

Skip Matthews


“Linwood has an uncanny ability to show almost any business owner dozens of ways to boost profits using simple, high-impact response techniques. One mailing he created for us looks like it’s going to increase this year’s gross sales by 1/3.”

Susan Vinson


“I’m happy to say, Mr. Austin created an ad for us that was absolutely amazing in it’s impact and ability to generate sales. I was pleasantly surprised by his work.”

John Ferry, President

TRW Credentials

“We were amazed to see how Linwood’s ads can turn normal luke-warm prospects into hot ones when the right words persuaded them. I whole-heartedly recommend Linwood Austin to any company that wants to create more powerful advertising.”

Conrad Deihl


“As you know, before you created our marketing campaign we were getting no response to our own. This seemed like a total waste of advertising dollars. However, may I say that each time we have run the ads you created for us, responses instantly ranged from 35-50 each time. Now that’s more like it!”                              

  1. L. Hutchison


“Linwood Austin is one of the most promising advertising practitioners I’ve encountered in many years… He is no stranger to the great masters

of selling. He has a greater understanding of their methods than all but a handful of present day professionals. He is also an original thinker, and possesses a rare ability to focus his creative talent in precisely the right way to achieve maximum results for the advertiser. His instincts are on target. He has abundant talent and his depth of knowledge greatly exceeds that of most with far grater experience.”

  1. Barrie Bedell, Pres.


“Linwood Austin is a man who understands the various ways in which marketing profits can be harnessed from overlooked assets.”                                                              

Geoff Hasler, Pres.


“The very first order we got off the catalog you created for us- the caller said ‘I’ve received your catalog for years now and this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to order anything’ Thanks for the fine work.”                                                                

Rich Bohn


“I’m happy to say Linwood Austin has written quite a few packages for my company. I’ve never seen anyone more clever and original with headlines that work and opening paragraphs that grab you. He’s easy to work with and he’s a good friend.”                                         

Brian Kieth Voiles

Brian Kieth Publishing

So, let me prepare your next direct mail package, web site copy or email campaign.

Like countless other people, you’ll be glad you did.


So, here’s the deal:

I’ll prepare your next direct mail package or internet marketing campaign, on a special “let’s get acquainted” basis.

I will REDUCE my fee so that we can get to know each other. I will prepare a dynamite, “killer” direct mail package for your company that will knock your socks off! Why am I doing this? Why am I reducing my fees? Well I know that, after you see the pulling power of my direct mail, web site copy or email you’ll come back for more.


You’ll get such a cash flow boost that you’ll have a ton of money in the bank. You’ll want me to devise more direct marketing for you. That’s where I’ll make my profit! I believe that I can almost guarantee your marketing success, if you do what I recommend.

You’ll get an instant cash flow boost.

What I can do for you, can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Perhaps millions.

When you think of it like this, you owe it to yourself to respond to this offer today. My marketing techniques may be worth millions of dollars in profits to you.


In closing, let me explain an important point. Good direct mail and web site marketing does not cost more.

Usually, it cost less. It’s a variation on the old adage – “market smarter, not harder”. I believe that I can guarantee more direct marketing profits for your company than you’ve ever dreamed. So, mail the form back to me today.

                                        Yours sincerely,
Linwood Austin


Phone: 801-895-9598

P.S. Here’s the deal in a nutshell… I will devise a new direct mail package or internet marketing campaign for you on an A-Z basis. My services include everything – you get copy, concept, creative and consultation, ready to print, publish or load up to your web site.

The cost of this marketing campaign is $4,995 – a full $8,000 below my normal fee. This is a “get-acquainted” offer only.

If you think that fee is too high, you should still call me up. Why? Because I may be able to solve your most critical marketing problems for much less… I may not have to give you A-to-Z creative work. But I can give you something that may really help at a lower fee.

I believe that you will make so much money from this deal that you’ll see it as the bargain of the year.

All you do is this: Call me… or email be…,put this in your subject line (IN ALL CAPS) “LINWOOD, I NEED YOUR HELP. Once we get in contact, I’ll block the necessary time and call you to go over a few vital questions about your situation, your product or service, your competition and your goals.

Amazingly, this is RISK FREE. If, after you follow all my recommendations and a simple 5,000 test, or equivalent you’re unhappy with the results from my direct marketing efforts, simply cancel program for a FULL, NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND.

Remember, if you market in the same way, your company will stay the same. But, if you want to double, or triple, your profits – if you want to hit it BIG – bold, innovative and imaginative direct marketing is the answer.

Connect with me today!

P.P.S. This offer is limited. It expires at 5 P.M., two weeks from this coming Monday. You must call or email by this date.

Thank you.

Defined Advertising Goals, Measured Advertising Results.

Linwood Austin


Phone: 801-895-9598