Does Yevo Food Taste Goooooood?

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Does Yevo Food Taste Goooooood?

Does Yevo Food Taste Good?

Years and years ago, when I first got into marketing… I heard of a cat food maker who had a paid an ad agency some BIG BUCKS… for a “killer” ad campaign to sell it NEW cat food.

The ad campaign worked like gangbusters… and they sold lots and lots of cat food.

The only problem was – cats would not eat it.

The ads worked… but the stupid company FORGOT to make sure cats loved the food.

Now… I’m writing to tell you of a new food business that you can get into and it’s promoted by network marketing.

The company is – right now – in PRE-LAUNCH mode. The company will launch in mid February. You can make money… by getting customers happily involved in the food. The food TASTES GOOD — is packaged up with many of the 43 essential vitamins and nutrients we all need – has a 4 year shelf life… and it’s BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER… packed up and shipped to you and/or your customers each month.

Since the company is PRE-LAUNCH right now… you can sign up and not be billed until launch date. You can sign folks up NOW… and lock in a nice income for yourself as we proceed.

This is network marketing. The company will pay YOU instead of spending big bucks on advertising and buying shelf space at walmart. Can you use the extra money? I know I can.

Here’s how you can get started.

Step one:

Go here:

Watch the video and HIT the join button and get the food delivered to your home each month. You’ll also get your own website – and you can send folks there to sign up under you.

All you need is 20 or 30 customers to make a nice income from this. Generally speaking network marketing companies work best when you sign up about 100 folks. Why? Because when you sign up 100 folks in your typical MLM (multi-level-marketing) company… 80 of those 100 folks will do nothing for you. They may even quit the business. BUT get this…

20 of those 100 folks will get excited about the business opportunity and build you a downline of some 10,000 customers/distributors. And you’ll make about $1 per name every month from your efforts.

That means… you’ll be making about $10,000 bucks per month when you sign up 100 people… because 80 will do nothing for ya… but 20 of them will hustle. And make you money.


With other MLM companies… selling lotions and potions, the drop-off rate is pretty high. But with Yevo… it’s FOOD…. And folks just happen to get HUNGRY 3 times a day. I feel they will not drop off of your downline as fast as other MLMs.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner… delivered to you and your customers every month AND YOU GET PAID.


One of the concerns some folks have regarding joining a MLM… is this… does the company have GOOD MANAGEMENT? You see, all you have to do is bring in some customers and distributers AND YOU GET PAID.

The company is responsible for all the rest… production, research, manufacturing, quality control, customer satisfaction, management… etc… etc… etc.

You can be assured about the management of YEVO. It’s headed up by Peter Castleman. He’s the guy behind many turn-around stories. He brought Northface outdoor clothing out of bankruptcy into being a highly profitable company. He did the same with other companies.
PLUS…. He took over HerbaLife… and guided it to being a billion dollar operation.

Castelman sees YEVO as being a shoe-in to be a highly profitable company because of two reason…


  1. Vitamins is billion dollar a year business.
  2. Food is a TRILLION dollar a year business.

What happens when you combine FOOD and VITAMINS? You’ve got a winner. Right?



Call me. I’ll guide you into using the right kind of marketing that helps you build your customer and distributer downline. There are right ways to market and wrong ways to market. I want you on my team. I want you to succeed. I’ll help you. I’ve been in the marketing game for nearly 30 years. And I’m a good coach.


Yes, it does. I have not tasted it yet. But I talked to Joe Reid… who was at OPENING NITE… introducing YEVO to the top movers and shakers in the network marketing community.

At the meeting… many questions were answered and the plan was outlined and everyone was excited. At the end of the meeting, everyone got to taste the first batch of good that will be shipped out. Mr. Reid said to me… “WOW, IT TASTED SO GOOD, I COULDN’T STOP EATING”.

YEVO has nutrition experts and expert food preparers on board. The food is designed to be good tasting and nutritious. Are you intrigued? You should be.

Call me. Let’s get you set up to earn some nice money in the coming year.

Yours for a prosperous future.

Linwood Austin


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