Two Young Men… Two Different Attitudes. Two Different Outcomes.

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Two Young Men… Two Different Attitudes. Two Different Outcomes.


Will you do me a favor? I think it will help me a lot.

Below you’ll find two conversations I had the other day.

One with a guy name Richard… one with a guy name Joseph.

Two guys. Two different attitudes.

One guy is broke and can’t see any way out.

The other guy wants to help people who are worried about the future… And he’s using network marketing to build a better life for him and others.


Read both conversation… and get back to me on what you think and feel about what they said.



me:  You’re up early

Richard:  Not so much – I’m in London. It’s 1300 here…

me:  wow. Vacation?

Sent at 6:00 AM on Wednesday

Richard:  Nope, I live here. Kinda sick of city life though…

Sent at 6:05 AM on Wednesday

me:  Move to Santa Barbara, CA. It’s small and lots of sun.

Sent at 6:08 AM on Wednesday

Richard:  Need money and a visa for that though… Biggest issue of being English, hard to get out of here!

Sent at 6:10 AM on Wednesday

me:  What about the TALK FUSION opportunity. The biz is GLOBAL and the pay is INSTANT within 3 minutes…. and the downline is UNlimited. And the training offered is really good. All for  $35 a month.

Sent at 6:12 AM on Wednesday

me:  Eastern Europe… LOVES talkfusion… and there are LOTS of folks there (Russian, Poland, Cezch, etc) are signing up like crazy… and making money with TALKFUSION. Just thinking.

Richard:  Well, it’s that 35 a month first. That’s always been the issue for me here…

Sent at 6:14 AM on Wednesday

me:  Name one business that does not have a monthly nut to crack… rent, utilities, employees, inventory, etc.

Sent at 6:15 AM on Wednesday

me:  I’ve owned businesses, where the monthly overhead was thousands. I owned a plumbing biz, magazines, show promotion biz, retail stores, etc.

Sent at 6:17 AM on Wednesday

me:  $35 monthly is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP… compared to other businesses I’ve owned. I LOVE TalkFusion… for one more reason… None of those other business offered RESIDUAL INCOME. If I did not open the doors and stayed on top of the employees… no one made any money…. however, with TalkFusion….. you get paid BASED ON the efforts OF EVERYONE in your team… even after you stop working the program.

Richard:  Well it’s not so much that, it’s that I can’t afford to get started, let alone run at a loss for a while, that’s the issue here…

Sent at 6:21 AM on Wednesday

me:  What if you bought some tomato seeds and grew tomato plants in your kitchen window?

Aren’t I funny?

Sent at 6:23 AM on Wednesday

me:  TalkFusion has a program called THE DIAMOND RUSH. It gives you $100,000/year in just 200 days. Can you handle 200 days? Can you work a program for 200 days? It means sending ONE PERSON a day to the TalkFusion webinar for 200 days… and your income is $100,00/yr.

Richard:  Lol, need the seeds first… Either way, I’ve got to consider tax and currency conversions as well. Tough to sort out here…

me:  TalkFusion is a GLOBAL business. I’m sure they have those conversions worked out.

Sent at 6:26 AM on Wednesday

Richard:  How’s it working out for you so far?

me:  I’ve got people in my downline all the way to Japan… and I don’t know who put them there.

Sent at 6:28 AM on Wednesday

me:  It’s a two-legged downline… so that means one of your legs is also my leg… and once you sign up with me… I’ll put the next batch of folks I sign up in that leg… UNDER YOU.

Sent at 6:29 AM on Wednesday

me:  Richard, you should do this for THREE reasons, it’s GLOBAL, the pay is INSTANT, and it’s RESIDUAL.


Sent at 6:34 AM on Wednesday

Richard:  So how quickly would I be able to see returns? And to what kind of scale?

Sent at 6:35 AM on Wednesday

me:  Using their DIAMOND RUSH training guide… AND YOU send ONE person a day to watch a webinar, and follow up with them… one person out of 5 will sign up… So, in  200 days, you’ll have 40 people signed up and with 40 sign ups, you’re income is about $100,000 a year. You can actually send more than “one person” a day to the webinars, and thus, make money faster… but I’m just saying,,, if you send ONE person a day to the webinar… you’ll have a six figure income in about 6 months

Sent at 6:39 AM on Wednesday

Richard:  OK, so how do you go about getting people to the webinar? Or does the webinar explain it all?

Sent at 6:42 AM on Wednesday

me:  Each day they give 5 LIVE webinars in English to present and explain the opportunity.

You can send anyone there… and in the 30-page training guide we show you STEP BY STEP how to work the system and it’s almost idiot proof.


Several times a week they have webinars to train YOU on how to build your business by following the 4-Step Diamond Rush training guide.

Sent at 6:53 AM on Wednesday

me:  So, the opportunity gives you BOTH the product, plus the training on how to work it… for a wonderful income… residual income.

Sent at 6:55 AM on Wednesday

me:  Richard?

Would you like to check out one of today’s webinars… to make sure this is right for you?

Sent at 6:57 AM on Wednesday

me:  Schedule Below; Pick one and discover for yourself the power of TalkFusion:
(NOTE: I sent him to a LIVE webinar, but here is a recorded one:



me:  You’re up early.

Joseph:  Always……the early bird catches the worm !

me:  You make me smile.

Joseph:  lol

me:  What are you working on?

Sent at 6:00 AM on Wednesday

Joseph:  AD COPY……

Many unemployed facing early end to benefits

By Paul Davidson, USA TODAY

Do you think we can help these people ?

me:  yes, but HOW to reach them is the question.

Joseph:  We got to be creative !

me:  … hmmmm. what about starting a blog… based on HOW TO START OVER.

Sent at 6:05 AM on Wednesday

Joseph:  That’s great for starters !!!

Sent at 6:06 AM on Wednesday



One guy lives in self-pity and can’t see that the world is full of opportunity. Negative.

The other guy is trying to help people change their lives. Positive

My question for you, Dear Friend, do you want to change your life… and help other change their lives too?

Give me your feedback.



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These two conversations… remind me of the famous WSJ sales letter called THE TWO YOUNG MEN letter. It’s a letter that helped the WSJ sell millions of dollars in subscriptions.


Here is the letter.